The Redeemed Cover Reveal


I can’t tell you how excited I am to show you all the cover for The Redeemed! This is probably my favorite so far. Thank you Lori for “seeing” my vision and creating this beautiful piece of art. Make sure you check out Contagious Covers here:

Another reveal, the release date for The Redeemed is April 29th! I’ll post a pre-order link as soon as I can. Until then, enjoy this lovely cover!

Nightmares. The oncoming war. More Gifted emerge and not all of them are on her side. Secrets about her father are revealed. Who are The Children of The Light?
Will Rayna be able to resist the powers of The Shadow with Jayce’s help? She had planned to face down her demons with Liam by her side, but now that he’s lost his soul, is he really lost to her forever?
Question after question, obstacle after obstacle present themselves in the last installment of The Darkness Trilogy. It’s coming to an end – the battle, the war. The only question Rayna Stone wants answered is whether or not she and her friends make it out alive.


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00028]

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