What Could’ve Been

I try to forget about moments, you saw me at home;

Forget about the fights and the nights you claimed my soul. 

All of those moments, I ran out of breath;

Now I see you running, out on the rest. 

You drove me wild, from the very first day;

You sent me flying high, now you throw me away. 

Do you think it mattered that you decided to call? 

Why not come face me, where you scared of the fall?

We could’ve had forever, we could’ve chased down our dreams;

But time is lost, along with me. 

I hope you’re happy with tasting my tears;

Wishing you could find a way back through wasted years. 

I hope you feel my hands dance upon your skin;

I hope they feel like fire and you never feel again. 

I want you burning, from the inside out.

The way I’ve felt since your winds threw me about. 

Let it take over and settle in your spine. 

I hope you remember, you could’ve been mine. 


Sometimes there’s rain,
At times it’ll pour.
Sometimes there’s pain,
I can hear the sounds of war.

Sometimes there’s thunder,
It fills me up inside.
Sometimes there’s a struggle,
Between humbleness and pride.

I can’t tell who’s winning,
Maybe I’ll never know.
I can feel my heart thinning,
And the emptiness grow.

Sometimes there’s fire,
It’s eating me alive.
Sometimes there’s desire,
But the kind that kills with a lie.

Sometimes there’s hunger,
It gnaws at my flesh.
Sometimes there’s surrender,
The kind that steals your last breath.

And I can’t tell if you’re with me,
There’s a loneliness in my soul.
I yearn to be free,
But the darkness tells me no.

I feel like I’m losing,
Like my soul is ice.
I feel like I’m choosing,
To run away with the night.

Yet despite my weakness,
Of giving in to this world;
I feel your hands upon me,
And I’m not so scared anymore.

Sometimes there’s light,
I taste it on my tongue.
Sometimes there’s home,
When there’s no place left to run.

Sometimes there’s quiet,
When the storm rages in my mind.
Sometimes there’s a riot,
But the kind that brings new life.