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Hey everyone! I’m so thrilled to be kicking of the Paranormal/Horror Blog Fest with Author Racquel Kechagias.


Born in March 1991 in Sydney, Australia, Racquel Kechagias spent most of her childhood reading adventure and fantasy books, while exploring the inner creativity of her mind through her interactions with other children and story-telling. After graduating high school, she entered university to study her Bachelor of Arts where she is majoring in English and Education. She has a deep love for books, chocolate, Supernatural, Marvel movies, anti-heros and villains. She would prefer to have Loki over Thor any day of the week.

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Author Questions

When did you realize you wanted to be an author?

I realized that I wanted to be an author when I was in my late years of high school around 2006-2008. It was when we were requested to do a creative piece of writing that I realized that I had the potential of turning a school project into something more.

In what genre do you write?

The majority of what I’ve written so far has been YA Fantasy as that is my preferred genre to write in. However, I have also released a collection of poetry.

Is there a genre you haven’t written in, but want to?

Yes, I would like to one day try my hand at a thriller or horror genre story. I think a major reason behind that is because I’m a huge Stephan King fan.

 What is your writing process? Such as, outlining, freehand, computer vs paper and pen?

It’s a little bit of everything I guess. A lot of it is computer based but I do have a lot of resources that I use that aren’t on the computer either i.e. Character flashcards. Although this may be a little unorthodox when planning a new book or series I start by compiling a playlist. That playlist helps me to keep the same theme, style and mood throughout my process of writing. Most of my outline is done by computer, or through my phone/iPad. I like to back it all up through google drive so I can access it wherever I go. I outline in dot points, elaborating on the major or more complex plot lines. I do both well before I start writing a new book or series as it helps me to stay focused and helps avoid ‘writers block’ 90% of the time.

Who are you writing inspirations, famous or not?

That’s a hard one. There is so many people that are inspirations for me but I’ll only name two to save time. As I mentioned earlier Stephan King is a big one but I’m also inspired by Rachelle Mead as well, every time I read a new book of hers or return to one of my favorites (of hers) I’m left with that same feeling that I got the first time I read the book and that’s something I’ve always wanted to do and now aim to do.

How much research, if any, did you have to put into your novel(s)?

For this series ‘The Fire of the Soul’ there wasn’t much research that I had to do. As the story is set in a parallel world not much of what makes sense in our world relates in there but despite that fact there was still some research that had to be done, mainly it was spent on weapons and naming characters especially the ‘Immortals’ in my series as they are based off of ancient gods (greek, roman, celtic etc).

Do you listen to music while you write or edit? If so, who do you listen to?

Definitely. As I mentioned before I create playlists before I even start writing to get that style and mood that I want for the book/series. One of my favorites to listen to is ‘Two Steps from Hell’. Their music doesn’t have lyrics but it’s all instrumental and is simply amazing. Besides them my taste in music is all over the place. I go from classic rock (Foreigner, ACDC, Bob Seger, Metallica) to more modern rock (Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, The Cab, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Matchbox 20, Maroon 5, Paramore), Movie Scores (I particularly like the Transformers and Dark Knight albums) and I’ve even got some Jazz/Blues in there (I put a spell on you by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins).

When you’re not being an amazing author and writing away, what do you for fun?

Haha besides reading? There’s not much time for fun between work, school and writing but in those precious moments where I do get some free time I’m either chilling before the T.V. screen catching up on my favorite shows or at the mall, do some shopping.

What has been the most exciting experience for you since starting your writing career?

The most exciting experience for me since starting on this crazy ride is being able to meet other authors and some of the amazing readers who have read what I’ve written.

The Fire Within (brighter) 

Who created your amazing cover art?

I tried to work with a few people to make my cover art but every time I just wasn’t satisfied. So I decided to learn how to do it myself lol!

Give us a brief description of your WIP (work in progress) or your newest novel.

My current WIP is ‘The Eternal Flame’ the third book in my series ‘The Fire of the Soul’. It basically picks up a week after the events of ‘Last Ashes’ where the main villain Novak has returned from his imprisonment and raises his son Christian back from the dead. The novel follows Anna and her friends during the last leg of her trials and sees her eventual rise to destroy Novak, in a battle that will obliterate the world around her.

I won’t say if Anna is successful in destroying Novak or not but it’ll definitely be something to see. I’m actually really looking forward to publishing this in late January/early February. I don’t know if it will have a HEA/HFN ending but if it does it will have a twist that may or may not cause a riot lol.


Reader Questions

What author would you geek out over if you met them in real life?

Hands down it would be Richelle Mead. Why? Because what girl can’t resist the charms of Adrian Ivashkov? But also because she is one of my favorite authors of all time and I kind of geek-out every time I read one of her books.

Hands down, what is your favorite book of all time and why?

Oh that’s hard. Haha there’s so many and even if I name a series there would still be too many. It’s most likely a tossup between House by Frank E. Peretti & Ted Dekker and Phantom by Susan Kay. House is one of my favorites as it’s a great supernatural thriller about the true extent of humanity’s evil. The second because I’m a fan of The Phantom of the Opera and ‘Phantom’ is about the Phantom (named Eric in the novel) and his life from birth until death. For those who have seen the movie or better yet the musical you would know that there is a lot of mystery surrounding the Phantom’s life before the Opera and this book goes into great depth and sheds some light on to what exactly the Phantom/Eric actually experienced in his life.

What book would you like to see in film or do you believe that books should be left alone?

I love film adaptions of novels, they provide a gateway for interest in the books for those less inclinded to read and for those of us who have read the book before the movie, it shows us an interpretation of the stories we love. Yes, there are some that aren’t as great as the book i.e. ‘Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters (2014)’ and ‘The Host (2013)’ but there are some that go beyond expectation such as ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Catching Fire’ and the much-awaited ‘Mockinjay Pt 1’ as well as ‘The Maze Runner’ and ‘The Fault in our Stars’ to name a few.

The movie I’m most excited to see (that’s already in production) is the Mockinjay movies. I mean who isn’t excited to see it?! But as for what isn’t made into movies I think I would like to see Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel ‘The Sandman’ done as a TV series. I think it would be too long of a series to be done as a movie but it would definitely be interesting to see.

Last Ashes (Final Draft)


As a reader, what about a book turns you away?

I think what turns me away most is if it’s slow to begin or if it’s too predictable. I feel that a book should pique your interest from the first few pages.

If you find you can’t get into a book, do you put it down or be a trooper and finish it?

I’m usually a trooper and push through. I rarely find that I can’t finish a book but there are times when it happens.

Do you stick to one genre or do you like to read around?

I do like to read around but I tend to stay away from anything in the romance/erotica genres. I don’t mind if there’s some romance thrown in with a different genre but I don’t stay interested in it for too long if it’s by itself.

Are you a book-in-your-hands reader, e-booker, or both?

Both. If it’s a traditionally published book then I prefer a paperback but as I’ve begun reading indie books as well (in a sense to give back and to help out others) so I usually get them as e-books.


Random Questions

Favorite movie?

There’s far too many to name them all. I enjoy watching anything with Jim Carey in it (but especially Bruce Almighty, The Cable Guy), Easy A, The Underworld Series (But not #2) and The Hunger Game movies.

Favorite TV show?

There’s far too many to name them all. To name a few though there is Supernatural!!!, Haven, American Horror Story (That clown looks scary as hell, did I mention I have a fear of clowns?!), The Strain, Hart of Dixie, Hannibal!!!, The Big Bang Theory, Once Upon a Time, Beauty and the Beast, Game of Thrones and Grimm.

If you could eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Haha I don’t know, maybe Shepherd’s Pie but eventually I would get sick of it.

What’s your favorite candy/dessert?

Any type of pie or tart, though I prefer apple or pecan pie and custard tarts.

What band or musician can you listen to over and over again? You can list more than one.

I think that may be Lady Antebellum, Tyrone Wells or The Cab.

What’s your hidden talent?

My hidden talent is good at hiding that even I don’t know what it is lol.

What is your dream vacation?

My dream vacation would be somewhere out in the woods in a cottage or a cabin.

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What Could’ve Been

I try to forget about moments, you saw me at home;

Forget about the fights and the nights you claimed my soul. 

All of those moments, I ran out of breath;

Now I see you running, out on the rest. 

You drove me wild, from the very first day;

You sent me flying high, now you throw me away. 

Do you think it mattered that you decided to call? 

Why not come face me, where you scared of the fall?

We could’ve had forever, we could’ve chased down our dreams;

But time is lost, along with me. 

I hope you’re happy with tasting my tears;

Wishing you could find a way back through wasted years. 

I hope you feel my hands dance upon your skin;

I hope they feel like fire and you never feel again. 

I want you burning, from the inside out.

The way I’ve felt since your winds threw me about. 

Let it take over and settle in your spine. 

I hope you remember, you could’ve been mine. 


Sometimes there’s rain,
At times it’ll pour.
Sometimes there’s pain,
I can hear the sounds of war.

Sometimes there’s thunder,
It fills me up inside.
Sometimes there’s a struggle,
Between humbleness and pride.

I can’t tell who’s winning,
Maybe I’ll never know.
I can feel my heart thinning,
And the emptiness grow.

Sometimes there’s fire,
It’s eating me alive.
Sometimes there’s desire,
But the kind that kills with a lie.

Sometimes there’s hunger,
It gnaws at my flesh.
Sometimes there’s surrender,
The kind that steals your last breath.

And I can’t tell if you’re with me,
There’s a loneliness in my soul.
I yearn to be free,
But the darkness tells me no.

I feel like I’m losing,
Like my soul is ice.
I feel like I’m choosing,
To run away with the night.

Yet despite my weakness,
Of giving in to this world;
I feel your hands upon me,
And I’m not so scared anymore.

Sometimes there’s light,
I taste it on my tongue.
Sometimes there’s home,
When there’s no place left to run.

Sometimes there’s quiet,
When the storm rages in my mind.
Sometimes there’s a riot,
But the kind that brings new life.

Words are Words

Words are words, but more is heard when more is learned.

Words are words, but the more it  burns the more it hurts.

Words are words, but more is torn when more is ignored.


Words are words, but the more it stings the more it rings.

Words are words, but more is known when more is shown.

Words are words, but the more it bares the more we care.

A.G. Porter

Peace Shall Come

I need your hope and your power;

I need to take shelter in your strong tower.

Your powerful arms and warming light;

can banish the darkness and defeat the night.

You will not burden me with more than I can bare;

I just need to feel as if you are really there.

I wonder how much more I can take;

before I keeping bending and before I break.

My heart is stretched and almost numb;

I often wonder when at last, peace will come.

Even as these words I write;

I know you’re there, just out of sight.

I feel your spirit ease my sorrow;

without your love I would fear the morrow.

Just comfort me Lord as only you can;

show me mercy, show me the promised land.


Grace is Found

In the dark, I find the light;

that light is warm, comforting and bright.

Out here alone, I hear your voice;

your words are like music, when I hear them I rejoice.

This road is hard, it wears on my bones;

in you I find comfort, in you I find my soul.

Hurtful sneers; menacing eyes;

without you I’d be afraid, but with you I don’t believe the lies.

It feels like fingers of death grip my heart; it feels like I can’t move;

you’re the reason for me going; you’re the one that makes me new.

Through a thousand years of endless night; you’re there for me;

you hold me when I can’t stand; you lift me up so I can see.

Dear Lord don’t let me fall; don’t me hit the ground;

in you I am safe; in you is where grace is found.


Hold On

Hold on, don’t let go;

I want to show you all the things that you need to know.

Stay here; hold my hand;

we’ll travel together like an old school band.

Times are hard; yeah, they’re rough;

But its times like these when love is just enough.

So, hold me, hold me tight;

hold me like we don’t have another night.

Because the truth is, we may not;

so hold me like we never, ever fought.

Hold on, don’t let go;

I want to love you like the winter loves the snow.


Wait in Vain

You were never mine, you were never theirs;

you were your own poison; you were your own despair.

I was always searching; always looking for a way;

to keep you from harm; to keep your fears at bay.

But you would fight me; you would hide within your fears;

your took fake refuge; inside a bottle of tears.

The darkness hovered around you; it lingered in your kiss;

you would forget to say you loved me; you would float away on empty bliss.

There were times I’d reach for; there were times I’d find just your flesh.

you were a hollow being; you were a lifeless mess.

I remember begging; I remember my desperate pleas.

I waited for countless lifetimes; I waited for you to come back to me.

Alas, the wait is over; the wait was always in vain.

Today I shed a tear for you; a shed a tear that disappeared in the rain.