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From Reigns DeviantArt’s Page:

Ok guys, it’s contest time again!!! Woot! Woot!

I know it’s been a while! I’m sorry I haven’t been around much, but trust me I’m still accepting request and answering questions as fast as I can!!!!

Ok, back to the contest!! This will be a little different. Usually I just do line art or coloring BUT this will be a contest featuring my sisters ( Amanda Porter ) Book! The Darkness Trilogy!!

What you’ll do is create a fan art based on her characters from the book! Descriptions of each character will be listed later in the journal, so no worries!! :)

Before we go any further I’m gonna hand the laptop to my sister and let her introduce herself to you guys and tell you a little bit about her book!!!


Hey y’all! It’s nice to virtually meet all of you! As Reign stated above, my name is Amanda (A.G.) Porter. My new book, The Shadow, is out now and I can’t express how excited I am about that and this contest! Here is a synopsis of my book:

Rayna Stone is an eighteen-year-old girl from a small Alabama town that just wants to save a little money for college. In order to do that she has to find a summer job. The problem with that, the only place that is willing to take her is the upscale golf resort of The Landing. This was not her idea of a summer job, being around snobby, rich folks, but when she meets eyes with the owner’s son, Liam, she starts to see the brighter side of things. That is until she’s seeing things that she can’t quite explain and having dreams that are haunted by a being she calls The Shadow.
The Shadow begins to show her things about a few missing girls, that she wished she had never seen. Another chilling fact, her dreams seem to be coming true. As if that isn’t enough, she learns that this ability of hers gives her an insight into what others around her are feeling. Soon after this, Rayna learns that Liam does feel something for her, but even though she wants to tell him she feels the same, something is warning her to stay away. Not because he is dangerous, but because she is.

If you have any questions you can contact me here on DeviantArt ~agporter84 and on my Facebook here:

I hope y’all become new fans of my book!

Thank you and good luck!

——————————————————————————————————————————————————-This CONTEST will be

Running from August 24, 2013 to September 24, 2013

:winner: PRIZES :winner:

First Place

:bulletorange: 1,000 :points:
:bulletblue: A free eBook copy of The Shadow ( requires a kindle or kindle app )
:bulletorange: A llama badge! from ~Reign05 *Hai-Kulture *SweetKei =Elphaba-Rose & =Suiish

Second Place

:bulletorange: 600 :points:
:bulletorange: A llama badge! from ~Reign05 *Hai-Kulture *SweetKei =Elphaba-Rose & =Suiish

Third Place

:bulletorange: 400 :points:

Also, ALL art will be featured on Amanda’s Face Book Page and links back to the original artist!!!


:bulletorange: Create a Fan art based on the descriptions of a character from her book. You can choose any character and also do multiple entries! Of course only one of your entries will qualify as a winning piece!

:bulletorange: This can be a digital piece, traditional, cos-play or anything your heart desires!!!!

:bulletorange: You are allowed to collab, but the winning prize will be split between the artists involved!

:bulletorange: When your done just send me, ~Reign05, a note of your entry link and I will add it to a special gallery folder just for this contest!!!!

:bulletorange: At the end of the contest the pieces will me judged my myself aka ~Reign05 and Amanda aka ~agporter84

:bulletorange: Lastly, you do NOT have to be a member of this group to participate :w00t:


:bulletorange: Rayna

She is a rather tall girl with a slender frame. Her hair is long, black and hangs in ringlets down to the middle of her back. She has light brown eyes, almond shaped, almost the color of honey. Her skin is smooth and tanned. Rayna is of Native American and White ethnicity if that helps. She is a no fuss kind of girl so she wears mostly jeans, converses and t-shirts. She loves unique jewelry, but only wears  bracelets and rings. She’s a sweet, down-to-earth girl that was raised with Southern values. Rayna tries to be kind to everyone she meets, but she is rather shy and it takes a little to get her talking. Liam is her first love.

:bulletorange: Liam

Liam is very tall and broad shouldered. He stands at 6′. He has shaggy black hair (think rocker) that hangs below his ears. He has very crisp, blue eyes that usually seem sorrowful. Liam comes from a lot of money, but doesn’t dress or act like it. He always wears black t-shirt, dark wash jeans and his ever present wristbands. Liam is kind and charismatic, everyone likes him. However, he is guarded and doesn’t open up to just anyone. Liam is musically inclined and plays guitar and vocals in his own band. He is deeply in love with Rayna.

:bulletorange: Jayce

Jayce is tall, but slightly shorter than 6′. He has short cut, wavy hair that’s a deep chocolate brown. His eyes are hazel, but mostly green. Jayce has a muscular build and very tanned skin. Jayce comes from money and dresses like it. He wears crisp, clean clothes and always looks like a million bucks. He is slightly conceited, but has good tendencies. Jayce is also a heartbreaker and sees girls as only a conquest. He begins to see how selfish he has been when he develops feelings for Rayna.

:bulletorange: Logan

Logan is tall and fair skinned. He has short cut, blonde hair and light blue eyes. His looks are very casual, but neat. He’s smart and always looks like he knows something you don’t know. Logan is a very happy person so he’s always smiling. He is in love with C.J.

:bulletorange: C.J.

She is a beautiful girl with a kind heart. She is very tall with long, waving blonde hair and blue eyes. C.J. moves gracefully, like a dancer, and has slender limbs. She is bubbly, open and doesn’t meet a stranger. She loves to happy and pretty much dance-walks all over the place. She is in love with Logan.

:bulletorange: The Shadow

The Shadow is the being that haunts Rayna’s dreams. He is the epitome of evil and all things dark. When Rayna sees him in her dreams she can never see his face. That is because his tall and slender body is covered in thick, black tendrils of smoke.

If you need anymore info or have questions feel free to ask me ~Reign05 or Amanda the author ~agporter84 !!!

I really hope you all have fun with this and go all out on what your take of these characters are. Don’t be afraid to do this in any style!!!

As always spread the word guys! The more the better!!! :)

If you wanna donate prizes for this contest or feature it go ahead!!!!

Reign & Amanda

Updates, Giveaways and More!

I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who entered my Giveaway. If you don’t know, I announced the winner last night, Miss Deborah Ann!

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And then there was nothing;
then it was cold.
I thought we had something;
guess I was wrong. 

And then there was everything;
torn all in two.
I thought that was suffering;
now I know the truth

And there was darkness;
hiding the light.
I thought it was blinding;
this time I’m right.