Guess What? I Vlog About My Book!

Hey y’all!

I have a book signing coming up on Monday, August 5th at the local library. I have to say, I’m pretty excited about it. The signing is for my book, The Shadow, the first book in The Darkness Trilogy

I wanted you all to know that I do talk a lot about my book on my blog, but I also talk about it on my YouTube channel. If you’re a YouTuber/BookTuber then here are the videos I have done so far on my book.

1. Who is Rayna Stone?

2. Who is Liam Cole?

3. Who is Jayce Rollins?

In these videos I talk about each character. If you haven’t read the book, don’t worry, I don’t give any spoilers away. 


New work while I work!

Hi y’all!

As most of you know I love to write. Currently, I have my first book, The Shadow, out in publication. I am in the middle of edits for the second book. If you have ever edited a book you know it requires a lot of work, fearlessness and caffeine! My mind is so wrapped up in it that I feel like I need a release. I relieve stress by…writing! So, while I have been editing, I have started on another book. Haha! I have a sample chapter that I would love for you all to read. Let me know what you think. If you like it, go vote for me here:
Before you get into it, here is the synopsis:
*Note: This is work is (c) A.G. Porter

Tarin King never wanted to leave her loving home in Maine. She never wanted to impose on her aging grandfather or have to share living space with his “adopted” son, the creepy and socially-awkward, Rylan. She also didn’t want to start a new school during her senior year. However, things haven’t exactly gone the way she wanted them to since her parents died in a plane crash, the same crash that nearly took her own life.

Her grandfather, while a sweet man, treats her as if she might break, Rylan treats her like she’s something to study and the kids at school avoid her like the plague. When she meets Dalton, a witty and handsome loner, Tarin thinks her social life just might be on the mend.

Still, there are things that Tarin must keep to herself. She doesn’t tell her new friend, or anyone else for that matter, that she’s seeing things. She doesn’t tell her grandfather that shadows dance in the vineyard of his Tennessee farm. She especially doesn’t tell anyone about the terrible headaches that cause her to lose time. She’s afraid of what happens during these blackouts; she’s terrified of finding out where she goes. Every time they happen, she comes back with cuts, bruises and sometimes items that she knows belong to someone else.

Chapter 1


Tarin couldn’t remember which terminal she was supposed to be at. She looked down at her ticket again, checking the numbers one more time. Since the accident her head always felt fuzzy and her memory was terrible. It didn’t make sense though. The doctor said she was fine, “fit as a fiddle”. So, she didn’t press the matter of feeling like she was floating through life, light as a feather.
She heard a train enter the station as she searched her ticket for the correct terminal. She sighed as she instantly remembered the number as soon as her eyes found it marked on her ticket. The platform was number 7. She had to be at number 7. She knew her grandfather, Henry, was already there waiting on her.
The train station was busy. People moved like ants, crawling over each other, determined to get to the their destination. The sounds were ear shattering, metal wheels scraping against metal, feet scuffling along concrete; all of it was a little more than she wanted to hear. Even the smells were stronger and more vibrant. That is how she felt since waking up; waking up to learn her life was forever changed. She woke up to find she was an orphan.
Her mother and father were killed, their lives cut short by a bum engine on a small plane. It wasn’t one of those single passenger planes, but it was smaller than most commercial airliners. They were on their way to see her grandfather for his birthday. They hadn’t seen him in a few years because life was busy, her parent’s lives were busy, that was for certain.
Her mother, Nancy, was a busy book editor. She even ran her own publishing company with her father, Michael. They had started the business a few years before Tarin was born. It had grown into such a successful business, but the Kings remained in control even after making their first million. They didn’t want to turn into a publishing house that pumped out “garbage”; they wanted to publish books from authors that loved their craft.
Tarin understood their passion, but wondered if they realized the toll it took on their lives. Her mother would be up for hours, pouring over a new submission and her father would be right beside her, filing taxes or ordering supplies. They had an assistant and a full staff, but Tarin often thought their staff was there just to warm the seats. They gave their all to their company.
Now, they were gone. The business was there and being run by the company’s Board for the moment. Tarin wasn’t old enough yet. She had to wait until she was twenty-five and out of college before her parents would allow her to run the company. That was what was set in their will. Tarin was alright with that, until she learned her fate. She had to live with her grandfather until her senior year was over.
Tarin loved her grandfather. She adored him and he her. She would beg her parents to visit him when she was a young girl and loved spending time in the vineyard that he grew during the summer. That was up until she was nine-years-old and her grandfather adopted Rylan.
Rylan was the only son of her grandfather’s most trusted employees, The Martins. Rylan’s family worked for her grandfather for many years. They rented the house a few miles down the road from her grandfather and worked the fields harder than anyone her grandfather had ever hired. The first time she met Rylan was at her grandmother’s funeral and it wasn’t the best of meetings, she had punched him.
She remembered Rylan being quiet throughout the entire event until the family went back to her grandfather’s house. The two of them sat outside on the porch with a few other children from her family, cousins that she had never met. Rylan was fidgeting with the collar of his shirt and nervously tapping his foot on the front porch step. He was three years older than her and taller than most boys his age.
After not saying one word to her the entire day he suddenly turned and looked at her. His deep brown eyes seemed to look right into her soul.
“Your grandmother said that she left you the box up in the attic,” he told her and then stood up.
“What?” Tarin had asked, looking up at him.
“The box…up in the attic…it’s yours so please go get it,” he said as if he were getting impatient with her.
“OK,” she looked at him oddly as if he were insane.
“Well, what are you waiting for?” he snapped. “Go get it. Now.”
“Listen, I don’t even know you,” Tarin began.
“It doesn’t matter you nitwit!” he bellowed. “Just go get the box so she’ll stop screaming at me! Go get the box! Go! Go! Go get the box! Get it now!”
Tarin stood up and punched Rylan in the nose. She was so confused and scared that this strange boy was yelling at her about some box in the attic. Her parents had come out and scolded her. They had scolded her! Rylan was the one who had caused her to lose her temper and they made her apologize. After the adults had cleared the dust Rylan and his parents left, apologizing about their son’s behavior.
A few years later she and her family learned that Rylan’s parents had died in a house fire. Rylan had been spending the night with a friend when an electrical fire started in the family’s laundry room. His parents died of smoke inhalation before the flames had reached them. Since her grandfather had been such close a friend of The Martin’s he took Rylan in.
According to her grandfather, Rylan had nowhere to go as both of his parents had no siblings and he had no living relatives. There was no way that her grandfather could allow Rylan to be sent to an orphanage.
To this day, Rylan lived with her grandfather. Tarin assumed he was about twenty now and the last she heard he was working at the vineyard and taking classes at the local university. She tired to tell herself that maybe Rylan wasn’t as weird as he used to be. She also reminded herself that she would only have to be there for just a few months, as she would be going to college soon.
Tarin sighed heavily as she exited the gate at the right terminal. As she expected, she saw her grandfather waiting for her. He gave her that familiar smile as she approached him. The sun was peaking through the windows of the train station and seemed to focus on the top of his head. The thick, white hair caught the rays like an angel’s halo. In a way, this fit, he was indeed saving her, like a guardian angel. He was rescuing her from a bad place that she might have had to face on her own if he weren’t around.
“Sweetheart,” he said in that country drawl she adored.
They hugged each other and she could smell the vineyard on him. He tried not to hug her too tightly. Tarin was still recovering from the plane crash. Her face was bruised and stitches were visible over her right eye. Her right arm was in a cast and she walked with a slight limp. Tarin had been the only one to survive that crash while 35 others lost their lives. She was sure she looked terrible.
Before leaving the hospital, her nurse was nice enough to help her pull her auburn curls into a messy bun. Being one armed was much more difficult then she could have ever imagined. Her grandfather didn’t seem to notice how disheveled she looked.
“You’re looking great, Tarin,” he smiled. “But I’m sure you’re ready for a shower after your trip. Let’s get you home.”
He took the suitcase she was rolling behind her and lead her to the exit. After climbing into her grandfather’s beat up work truck they headed out of the train station and toward the vineyard. Tarin sat in the passenger seat as her grandfather tried to make her feel welcome by telling her he had “fixed up” his guest room for her. All Tarin could do was sit there and nod her head. What she really wanted to do was go back in time and stop her parents from getting on that plane.

Words are Words

Words are words, but more is heard when more is learned.

Words are words, but the more it  burns the more it hurts.

Words are words, but more is torn when more is ignored.


Words are words, but the more it stings the more it rings.

Words are words, but more is known when more is shown.

Words are words, but the more it bares the more we care.

A.G. Porter

My First Interview for The Shadow!

Hello y’all!

I wanted to share an article with you. This was written by Mr. Greg Parker with The Madison Record in Alabama. Greg took the time to ask me a few questions about my book, my inspirations and who I am. I wanted to share this with and would love to know what you think! I’m pretty excited about this as it is my first interview!

Have a great day!


Catching Up!

It has been far too long since I’ve written a post. There has been some crazy stuff going on lately. For starters, my laptop’s harddrive crashed! I’m using my husband’s computer to write this post. I’ve had my Mac for less than a year and already it’s toast. Things like that make me go “Ugh!”,know what I  mean? Anyway, I’ll put all the negativity to side. I have to focus! My focus has been so off. I think it’s because I’ve been trying to do too many things at one time.

I have a book signing coming up! Yay! It’s in my adopted home town of New Hope, AL. Yes, the same town my main character, Rayna, is from in The Shadow. I love this little town and the people in it. I’m especially glad that I found a church that can now call my home church. It has been great getting to know the members of the church to be a part of the Children’s Church Ministries. Kids are so much fun!  I love being around all the energy and happiness. They just put a smile on my face and it warms my heart knowing they have a desire to know God.

This past week a few kids came to our July program Terrific Tuesdays. They learned about the parable Jesus taught of The Good Samaritan and then became Good Samaritans by making cards for the elderly at the local Nursing Home. They had so much fun and made some really cute cards. Check them out:

Kid's Cards


I started back to classes last week as well. It just so happens that my computer crashed the night of a homework assignment being due. I stressed, but it was all for naught since I just used my hubby’s computer. He’s good for something after all. 😉 That was joke. My hubby is a good one! I’m just hoping that the Apple people can retrieve some of the stuff on my hard drive. Like, all of my homework assignments! Ok, not stressing! 🙂

Night y’all!


The Way, Way Back; Steve Carell is a Bad Guy?

ImageThe Way, Way Back (PG-13) is a funny and dramatic coming of age story starring Liam James (2012) as Duncan, a 14-year-old boy who goes on summer vacation with his mother, Pam (Toni Collette, Little Miss Sunshine), her boyfriend Trent (Steve Carell, Crazy Stupid Love) and Trent’s daughter, Steph (Zoe Levin, Trust).

Duncan has to spend the summer enduring his mother’s jerk of a boyfriend, Trent, all the while going through that awkward moment in life; that moment when we aren’t sure where we fit in or if we even do.

He soon makes friends with the owner of Wizz Water Park, Owen (Sam Rockwell, Iron Man 2) when he ends up there to escape the claustrophobia that comes along with family. He is also hired to tend to odd jobs, which is mother is clueless about. This friendship is therapeutic to Duncan as Owen seems to be the only adult or person that Duncan can relate to. While there, Duncan learns who he is and begins to open up; he begins to grow up.

ImageThe film is from Fox Searchlight Films also produced Little Miss Sunshine, which happened to start both Toni Collette and Steve Carell. Nate Faxon and Jim Rash wrote and directed The Way, Way Back as well as played water park staff members, Roddy and Lewis. Both artists, along with Alexander Payne, wrote the script for The Descendants, based on the novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings.

The young and talented AnnaSophia Robb (Soul Surfer) is Duncan’s summer crush. Allison Janney (The Help) plays the zany next-door-neighbor who shares too much information. Also, Rob Corddy (Warm Bodies) and Amanda Peet (2012) are Trent’s friends who join the family on their vacation. Maya Rudolph (Bridesmaids) rounds out the cast as the sassy water park worker.   

Carell has been in the spotlight for his role as the “bad guy.” He is insulting to Duncan, constantly cutting him down. Carell is known for his humorous roles in films such as, Anchor Man40-Year-Old Virgin and the television hit The Office. To see him take on a role that goes against character is refreshing.

The Way, Way Back is in theaters now. 

My First Ever Book Review By A Book Blogger!

Hello y’all,

I’m excited to announce that I have received my first ever Book Blogger Review. I have put the link below for you to read for yourself, but first, I have a few things to say. First off, Book Bloggers rock! These ladies and gentlemen spend countless hours reading and reviewing books. They don’t do it for money or for notoriety; they just love books! They also love authors! These guys serve authors and readers selflessly and for that, I want to say thank you! Also, I envy the fact that all of you can read that fast!

So, here is the link. While you’re there please check out the other reviews by Eboni at The Serial Reader.

Thank you, Eboni! I appreciate your time and dedication to my book!


What’s Playing? July 3, 2013

The Lone Ranger (PG-13) is a modern day, fast action, fist flying, train-chasing version of the classic Radio Serial hit. Armie Hammer (Mirror Mirror) is the new face of the mask-wearing hero, John Reid aka The Lone Ranger. After being transformed, seemingly brought back from the dead, by an outcast Comanche Warrior, Reid and his new Native American ally, Tonto (Johnny Depp, Dark Shadows) join forces to bring justice to a Texas town where the lawmen are just as corrupt as the bandits.

The Lone Ranger and Despicable Me 2

The Lone Ranger and Despicable Me 2


This film also stars Helena Bonham Carter (Les Miserables) as Red Harrington, William Fichtner (Ultraviolet) as the scarred faced outlaw, Butch Cavendish, Tom Wilkinson (Batman Begins) as railroad man, Latham Cole and Ruth Wilson (Anna Karenina) as Rebecca Reid, the wife of Reid’s brother.

The film is directed by Gore Verbinski, who has directed several other Johnny Depp films, such as the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise and the animated film Rango.

Despicable Me 2 (PG) Steve Carell is back as Gru, the villain with a heart. When the world is in dire need of a superhero, the AVL (Anti-Villain League) calls on none other then the criminal mastermind himself. Why? Because to beat a villain, you have to think like a villain. Gru is partnered up with Agent Lucy Wilde (Kristen Wig, Bridesmaids) and his daughters Margo (Miranda Cosgrove, iCarly), Edith (Dana Gaier, Despicable Me) and Agnes (Vertical) are determined to get the two together.

Also featuring the voices of Benjamin Bratt (Snitch) as the villainous El Macho, Russell Brand (Rock of Ages), Ken Jeong (The Hangover), Steve Coogan (The Other Guys), Nasim Pedrad (Saturday Night Live) and last but not least, the men behind the voices of the adorable minions, Mr. Pierre Coffin and Mr. Chris Renaud, who are also the film’s Directors.