Peace Shall Come

I need your hope and your power;

I need to take shelter in your strong tower.

Your powerful arms and warming light;

can banish the darkness and defeat the night.

You will not burden me with more than I can bare;

I just need to feel as if you are really there.

I wonder how much more I can take;

before I keeping bending and before I break.

My heart is stretched and almost numb;

I often wonder when at last, peace will come.

Even as these words I write;

I know you’re there, just out of sight.

I feel your spirit ease my sorrow;

without your love I would fear the morrow.

Just comfort me Lord as only you can;

show me mercy, show me the promised land.



Alienating me;
is your specialty.
Etching your lies;
Into my skin.
Haunting my soul;
With words that burn.
Left me suspended;
Dangling over the earth.
Driving the blade beneath my heart;
Smiling as my flesh blackened, tuning to ash.

Grace is Found

In the dark, I find the light;

that light is warm, comforting and bright.

Out here alone, I hear your voice;

your words are like music, when I hear them I rejoice.

This road is hard, it wears on my bones;

in you I find comfort, in you I find my soul.

Hurtful sneers; menacing eyes;

without you I’d be afraid, but with you I don’t believe the lies.

It feels like fingers of death grip my heart; it feels like I can’t move;

you’re the reason for me going; you’re the one that makes me new.

Through a thousand years of endless night; you’re there for me;

you hold me when I can’t stand; you lift me up so I can see.

Dear Lord don’t let me fall; don’t me hit the ground;

in you I am safe; in you is where grace is found.


Happy Sunday

I totally missed posting yesterday! I was gone all day. Friday I spent the night at my parent’s house. I felt like a kid again. It was nice being home with my parents and my sisters, well two of my sisters. I actually have four sisters and one brother. We do get together from time to time, but it’s just not enough. As they say, time flies by and you don’t realize it until you stop for just a moment and look around.

Back on topic, I spent the night with my parents because we were getting up early Saturday to go to our local Trade Day. I was helping at the Trade Day restaurant. Now, I work in an office and haven’t worked at a job where I’ve had to stand up in several years. By the end of the day I realize how out of shape I was! We didn’t get out of there until noon. Then I went back to my parent’s house and spent some time with my nephew, Daxton, and my crazy brother. I had so much fun.

After that I went to my BFF/Editor’s house to work on my novel. I wonder if people realize how much time and dedication go into a book. Yes, actually writing the novel helps, but the editing process is a very big and important part. She and I have spent so many nights and countless hours pouring through each and every single line. I’ve also had some close friends take time of their busy schedules to help me. I am so thankful for each one of them!

God has blessed me so much! My life isn’t perfect and I am definitely not perfect either. Still, He always finds a way to show me how much He cares for me. I have a loving husband, stepson, family, and friends. I have a roof over my head, food on the table for my family, and I live in a great country! My house may not be a mansion; I don’t have a hundred thousand dollar car, but what I do have is enough for me. It’s more than I deserve and He stills finds me worthy enough to bless me.

So, after all of that, I came home and I just passed out on my bed. I’ll do better! I hope all of you have a great day and can spend some time with your family!

Lots of love,


Hold On

Hold on, don’t let go;

I want to show you all the things that you need to know.

Stay here; hold my hand;

we’ll travel together like an old school band.

Times are hard; yeah, they’re rough;

But its times like these when love is just enough.

So, hold me, hold me tight;

hold me like we don’t have another night.

Because the truth is, we may not;

so hold me like we never, ever fought.

Hold on, don’t let go;

I want to love you like the winter loves the snow.


Wait in Vain

You were never mine, you were never theirs;

you were your own poison; you were your own despair.

I was always searching; always looking for a way;

to keep you from harm; to keep your fears at bay.

But you would fight me; you would hide within your fears;

your took fake refuge; inside a bottle of tears.

The darkness hovered around you; it lingered in your kiss;

you would forget to say you loved me; you would float away on empty bliss.

There were times I’d reach for; there were times I’d find just your flesh.

you were a hollow being; you were a lifeless mess.

I remember begging; I remember my desperate pleas.

I waited for countless lifetimes; I waited for you to come back to me.

Alas, the wait is over; the wait was always in vain.

Today I shed a tear for you; a shed a tear that disappeared in the rain.

You Make Me Whole

You hold me up;
Never let me fall.
You hold me tight;
Above it all.
In your light;
I stand tall.
In your voice;
I hear that call.
The sound you make;
It speaks to my soul.
The way you know;
I’ll never let you go.
Your strength is mine;
Your love does show.
Your heart is home;
It makes me whole.