Snow days, Lilo & Stitch and 101 Dalmatians


In Alabama, we don’t get much snow. When we do, we tend to shut everything down. And you know what? I’m all for it! For starters, it’s bleeping cold out there and as a true Southern, I do NOT like to be cold! Anywhere below 60 degrees is freezing to me. 🙂 Secondly, our beautiful state isn’t equipped to handle snow like Northern states are. It’s just so rare an occurrence that our state isn’t going to fund the tools or manpower to deal with it. Thirdly, before we get the snow we usually get the ice. That is when our narrow and windy roads become dangerous and impassable. I hate hearing about all the wrecks that this weather has caused and I’m glad to know that people were pulling together to help each other out!

With the schools closed my stepson and I just chilled most of the day. What better excuse to binge and watch Netflix all day long?!? We even brought in the pups. Here’s a picture of Sasha. Lex was running around so I didn’t get a picture of him. Isn’t she a pretty girl?


If we would have left them outside they would have ended up looking like my car!



So what did we watch? 101 Dalmatians (the live action one) and Lilo & Stitch. Brenton has an upcoming play where he’s going to be filling to role of Roger so he wanted to watch the movie. I can’t believe that movie has Hugh Laurie (House) and Mark Williams (Harry Potter, Mr. Weasley) in it as the two henchmen of Cruella De Vil! I also can’t believe it was made in 1996! Geez! Where does the time go?!?

While I was making dinner, he watched Lilo & Stitch. That is such a cute movie and I forget how much I liked it. Disney did a great job with the story line, the animation and for lacing the film with Elvis songs. I mean, Stitch dresses up like Elvis! So adorable.




The Shadow Review Giveaway and The Forsaken Cover Reveal!

I had mentioned last week about a giveaway. The rules were you had to leave a review of The Shadow, the first book in The Darkness Trilogy, on either Amazon, B&N, or Goodreads. The prize would be a signed copy of The Shadow and the second book, The Forsaken. I’m glad to say that the contest starts tomorrow and will run until the end of February. Why so long? Well, it will gives those who haven’t read the book a chance to and to leave a review.

What I am hoping to gain from this is of course reviews and hopefully to reach a bigger audience. Reviews and word of mouth really can make or break an Indie Author. Each review I receive, each praise and referral to a friend is another step closer to making writing what I do for the rest of my life! I can’t thank you all enough for all you’ve done so far.

One last thing. The cover reveal of The Forsaken will be released here on my blog next week! So if you’re interested stay tuned!

Enter giveaway here:

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God bless


On to 2014!

I really don’t like to make resolutions. However, I do enjoy setting goals for myself. My writing goal is to write something at least once a day. My main focus is to finished The Forsaken, book 2 in The Darkness Trilogy and have it published by February. After that, I want to focus on book 3, untitled, and have it out by early 2015.

In the meantime, as other inspiration hits me, I will try to write it down. I’m not going to try and torture myself by sharing everything I write. It’s a personal goal. So, that means I will either share them here or on my FB page. It will also mean that I might just jot something down in my journal. For day one, I’m sharing something here! 

This was part of a writing challenge posted on FB where you can either write a short story or a poem about the word Resolution. Here’s my poem! Enjoy! By the way, I was feeling lovey-dovey. 🙂 


I promised myself,

that I’d never fall.

It was a promise,

Nothing more, that is all.

Tonight is about new beginnings,

about focusing on what I want.

It’s hard to focus on anything,

when you’re close enough to touch.

I didn’t want to do this,

to want to caress your face.

I tried to resist the urge,

how did I find myself in this place?

Tonight is about resolutions,

to start something new.

I never thought I’d start something

that might end with you.

I’m supposed to be here,

thinking of myself.

All I can think of is you,

not me or anyone else.

You reach for my hand,

I push back.

You reach for my heart,

And find it painted black.

I can feel the ice melting,

It makes me sore afraid.

Is that my heart beating?

Can I be that crazy, can I be that brave?

I promised myself,

That I’d never fall.

It was a promise,

that now I must recall.