The Things I Love About You

This poem is dedicated to my wonderful stepson and nephews. I love you!

Your heart is pure, your heart is kind;

Your love is young, your love is blind.

These are the things I love about you.

Your soul is strong, your soul is new;

Your mind is untainted, your mind is true.

These are the things I adore about you.

Your eyes see wonder, your eyes see light.

Your voice is music, your voice is bright.

These are the things I cherish about you.

Pride to Blame


You stand so proud

What happens when you fall?

What happens when you get knocked down?

Who’s going to be there to help you,

when you’ve fallen on your face?

Who’s going to be strong for you,

when you’ve lost all your strength?


You walk with confidence

But what you hide

Isn’t dominance

Who’s going to be there to help you,

when you’re all alone?

Who’s going to be strong for you,

when all your strength is gone?

Motions of Life

The sun is shining

Birds chirp outside

My eyes are tired

Toasty toes and itchy scalp

Water that runs hot

Small breaths from a sleeping child

Noisy bark from a dog

Dew on the glass

Cold wind on my neck

Tires on the pavement

Crunch of gravel

Lyrics to a country song

Red gleam of lights

Winding roads up the mountain

Concrete trees and darkened eyes

Ringing of a phone

Warm tea and ginger

Voices down the hall

Pounding head and anxious heart

Time for my return

Warm smiles and wet kisses

Smells of dinner

Silents prayers

Soft covers and perfect pillows

The shape of my husband’s shoulder

Hush, Hush, Little Girl

I missed day one of the poetry challenge for National Poetry Month (NaPoWriMo)! I’m going to try to keep up with it from here on out. I also hope you enjoy my poems.

Rush, rush, hurry little girl.
Don’t let them see inside your busy, little world.

Hush, hush, be quiet little one.

Don’t let them see the tears that surely come.

This is what you tell yourself, each and every day.

You can’t afford to let them see any ounce of pain.

You think it makes you frail, fragile, weak;

I think it makes you human, I think it makes you unique.

Rush, hush let me hold your hand.

Don’t keep hiding, there is no more pretend.