Author Kyra Dune; Dragons, Elves and an Original Hero

There are books that just get you right from the start. It takes you on an adventure that you never want to end. That is how I felt when I read DragonStar by Kyra Dune. I was lucky enough to meet Kyra through Facebook. As Indie Authors, we try to stick together and support one another. She has invited me to be a guest in her online book release, interviewed me as well and is really a friend to all Indie Authors. He blog is fully of reviews, giveaways and interviews! With her charming personality and amazing book I knew that I had to have her on my blog in return. 




Dagen is a thief and a good one, at least in his humble opinion. But he has more in mind for his future than picking pockets, and when he comes across the haul of a lifetime, he finally sees a way to impress the boss of his crew, maybe even enough to be made partner.
But things don’t go the way Dagen had planned and soon he finds himself on the run with a sack full of stolen jewels, and more, for unknown to him, one of those jewels is the fabled Dragonstar, created in times long past by a powerful sorcerer.
The plan is to head for the port city of Braack, but the Dragonstar has other ideas. From the secret city of thieves, to the ruins of a castle, to the last stronghold of the elves, Dagen’s whole life is flipped upside down by visions, haunts, strange beasts, and the looming possibility that one day he just might have to kill a god.

My Review

More people should read this book! How do you take your Fantasy? Do you like mystery, fearsome creatures and dark overlords? If so then you will love DragonStar. Dagen, the main character, is a thief with a heart of gold, though he doesn’t know it, and in search of acceptance in a tough world. From a young age he in thrust into the life of thief so that is all he knows. That is until his biggest heist puts him on a journey toward his destiny. Once the DragonStar is in his hands then there is no turning back. He and his best friend, if a thief can have a best friend, Halbert, are joined by the Elf, Shadel, the wise Marsida, the young Jes and the tough, beautiful girl, Cassia as they make their way to the Black Mountain to stop an evil so ancient and so powerful that he might not come back alive.
There is action, magic, past lives and love worthy dying for. It was an excellent read and I can’t wait to read the follow up to this great series. I would suggest 16 and old as there is a bit of language, but it doesn’t overtake the book. There seems to be a lot of back story to these characters, especially Jes, that needs to be explored and I can’t wait to learn more about them. Kyra Dune has amazed me with this book; I’m officially a fan!


Kyra’s Interview

Author Kyra Dune

                     Author Kyra Dune


When did you realize you wanted to be an author?

When I was nine years old, my schoolteacher would give us an allotted time to finish our assignments. If we finished early, we could sit quietly at our desks and do something else. I usually had no trouble finishing early (unless the subject was math) so I would read. One day, I finished my book and didn’t have another, so I got out my notebook and started scribbling down a daydream of mine. From that moment forward I knew I was born to write.

What is your writing process? Such as, outlining, freehand, computer vs paper and pen?

No outlines. I tried that once, but it didn’t work for me. I do better just writing the story down and then worrying about cleaning it up in rewrites. I prefer to write on the computer, it’s quicker and my handwriting isn’t that great, hahha.  

Who are you writing inspirations, famous or not?

Stephen King. Though my books are not quite like his, I admire the honesty and fearlessness of his writing, and also his characters are great. They leap right off the page. Dean Koontz. Hardly anybody can pull you into a scene and make you feel you’re really there the way he can. Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman. They wrote fabulous quest type fantasy. Also, I blame them for my obsession with dragons. 🙂   J.K. Rowling. She did such an amazing job in creating a wonderfully diverse set of characters and showing that love can conquer anything.

Do you listen to music while you write or edit? If so, who do you listen to?

Yes, I actually can’t write in silence. I like a wide range of music, based on a song by song basis. Everything from classic rock to modern country.

When you’re not being an amazing author and writing away, what do you for fun?

Read, play X-box, exercise, take walks, watch music videos on youtube, watch movies, bowl (occasionally), play mini golf. And I recently tried laser tag for the first time and I love it. It’s like being inside a video game.

Who created your amazing cover art?

The artwork for my traditionally published novels was taken care of by the publishers, but I did the covers for my self-published works myself. I like to make cover art almost as much as I like to write. I’ve even done covers for other authors.

Is there an artist, book blogger, editor or anyone else that you want to give a shout out to?

I have worked with a couple of great editors. Nikki Andrews and Ashley O’Neil. These ladies are wonderful to work with.

What author would you geek out over if you met them in real life?

Stephen King. My favorite writer since I was twelve. J.K. Rowling would be a close second.

As a reader, what about a book turns you away?

Good characters are the cornerstone for any novel. I don’t have to like them, but I do have feel something for them. Flat, uninteresting characters are the number one thing to turn me away from a book.

If you find you can’t get into a book, do you put it down or be a trooper and finish it?

It depends. I hate to put a book down without finishing it, but I have come across a couple I just couldn’t see wasting the time on.

Do you stick to one genre or do you like to read around?

I read mostly fantasy, just about any subgenre. But I also occasionally read some light science fiction or horror.

Are you a book-in-your-hands reader, e-booker, or both?

To me, there is nothing like holding an actual book in your hands. I love everything about them. The way they look, the way they feel, the way the smell. Okay, that didn’t sound so weird in my head. Anyway, I finally gave in and got a Kindle. It’s not the same kind of experience, but I must admit it’s nice to have hundreds of books packed away in one neat little device which fits so easily into my purse. I still read print books too, though.

Favorite movie?


Favorite TV show?

 Buffy The Vampire Slayer

 If you could eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?

 Pepperoni pizza. Yum.

 Have a sweet tooth?

Doesn’t everybody? 🙂 I love Oreos. I love them by themselves, and when they’re tucked away in other sweets like ice cream or cake. And since I love Oreos, I also love and anything cookies n’ cream, which is basically Oreos turned into other things like candy bars.

What band or musician can you listen to over and over again? You can list more than one.

 Breaking Benjamin. Rascal Flatts. Pink. Hinder. Carrie Underwood. Kelly Clarkson. Bon Jovi. Rihanna. Evanescence. Linkin Park. Three Days Grace. Imagine Dragons. Pentatonix. Pat Benatar. I’ll stop now, because this list could get ridiculously long otherwise.

What is your dream vacation?

I would love to tour Europe and see all the old castles.

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