Sometimes there’s rain,
At times it’ll pour.
Sometimes there’s pain,
I can hear the sounds of war.

Sometimes there’s thunder,
It fills me up inside.
Sometimes there’s a struggle,
Between humbleness and pride.

I can’t tell who’s winning,
Maybe I’ll never know.
I can feel my heart thinning,
And the emptiness grow.

Sometimes there’s fire,
It’s eating me alive.
Sometimes there’s desire,
But the kind that kills with a lie.

Sometimes there’s hunger,
It gnaws at my flesh.
Sometimes there’s surrender,
The kind that steals your last breath.

And I can’t tell if you’re with me,
There’s a loneliness in my soul.
I yearn to be free,
But the darkness tells me no.

I feel like I’m losing,
Like my soul is ice.
I feel like I’m choosing,
To run away with the night.

Yet despite my weakness,
Of giving in to this world;
I feel your hands upon me,
And I’m not so scared anymore.

Sometimes there’s light,
I taste it on my tongue.
Sometimes there’s home,
When there’s no place left to run.

Sometimes there’s quiet,
When the storm rages in my mind.
Sometimes there’s a riot,
But the kind that brings new life.

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