Tennessee Valley Author Event

This past weekend, I had the privilege to attend the Tennessee Valley Author event in Knoxville. I had so much fun. When we arrived in Knoxville Friday, Katja and I were so hungry. So we decided to eat at the Cheesecake Factory again, just like we did in Birmingham. After we ate we ended up going to the mall just next door and walked around for a while. We found out that there was a movie theater in the mall so we stopped by it and took a look. There was a giant camera in there, it was so cool. I loved the theme of the Theater!

Giant Camera in the theater in the mall in knoxvilleIMG_43032759895223 After we got back to the Hotel room we decided to check out the gym downstairs. We worked out for about an hour and worked off the food from the Cheesecake Factory. Took showers and we were ready for bed.

The next morning we woke up ready for the day. When we got to the event, there were already people sitting in chairs outside the door to get in. There were going to be a lot of people there especially since it was only nine o’clock in the morning and it opened at twelve. After Katja and I set up the table we were ready. I walked around and met some of the other authors there and talked with them for a while. At twelve o’clock the doors opened and people swarmed in. We were the very first table when you walked in so we saw everyone. So many people stopped and we sold lots of books.

me sitting at the set up in knoxville for the Tennessee valley author event

For some people this was their first Author Event and they were so excited. One woman walked in, her name was Traci, and she just had the biggest smile on her face. You could tell she was so happy, and luckily I was the first table she came to.
IMG_42999468546223 Later that night we went to the after party and ran into Traci and Liz and ended up sitting with them at a table along with a couple of other people. We had a ball. I was laughing so hard my cheeks started hurting. I am so glad I got to meet these ladies.



Overall the Weekend was so amazing, that night  we ate at Crackle Barrel and headed back to the hotel room. The next morning we ate at The Cheesecake Factory again and actually tried the cheesecake. Then sadly started back to Alabama. I want to thank Kathy Womack for letting us come this year and I hope we will get to come back next year. You did an amazing job putting everything together and you were so nice and perfect for being the host of this event. Awesome Job Kathy! Also I couldn’t have done it without my amazing assistant Katja.


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