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There are not enough hours in the day. I’ve said and hear this a lot. While it holds a lot of truth it can also be an excuse. That is why I was so glad when Author Alan Lewis asked me to be a part of this amazing Blog Tour. For one, it allowed me to share with others what my writing process is and gave me a kick in the butt to keep up with my blog!

Thanks to the Query Faerie for the challenge to all of us authors. Please check out her blog!


If you don’t know anything about Alan then you should get to know him! He’s an amazing author from Tennessee and writes Steampunk and Pulp stories. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the Alabama Phoenix Festival this year. Check him out here:

Blog: http://www.snowflakegarden.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Author-D-Alan-Lewis/141282752579697

What am I working on?

Currently, I’m working on book three of The Darkness Trilogy, my YA Paranormal Thriller. It is yet to be publicly named, but I have a pretty good idea of the title. Funnily enough, I have the ending already mapped out and have even started on the opening. However, I’m not sure how I’m going to get from point A to point B. I’m sure it will all come together as my writing usually does. This is the first time that I’ve started from the ending though. It’s been quite the experience!

When I need a bit of a break from book 3 I am working on a novella from one of the characters from The Darkness Trilogy. I can’t say which character that is yet, but I will say that it is a female. Her voice was one that I wanted to capture into an entire novel. To me, her character needs and deserves her own story and more room to grow. I’m not saying that it will be a continuation of the original story, but it will have similar elements.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

There are so many YA Paranormal books out there it’s hard to keep up with what’s what. However, I would hope that my series can stand out for numerous reasons. For starters, the lead character is a young girl of faith. I didn’t write the books to be targeted to a Christian audience only, but I wanted her to be someone who depends a lot of her faith. I am someone of faith and know that there are many things I have gone threw that would have been impossible without God. My series isn’t preachy, it’s more like speculative Christian. I’ve had several readers who are of other faiths or with no religious beliefs at all that have enjoyed the series. I believe that is because people pick up on the biggest point of the book, hope.

Why do I write what I do?

I’ve always said that if I didn’t write I would go insane. There are so many voices in my head, characters waiting to be born, that if I ignored them I’d lose my mind. The bottom line is, I love it. There isn’t anything better to me then to sit down and create an entire new life  with words. Investing in my characters and their worlds is therapeutic, my escape from reality. The world throws so much at us. We are beat up from work, people and so much more. For me, I want to wrap myself up in my work for just a moment. It’s rejuvenating!

How does your writing process work?

One of the main reasons I wanted to do this Blog Tour is because I really don’t have a writing process per se. There are very analytical writers out there and I applaud them. They outline plot points, character development, and much more. I can’t work that way and I believe it’s because my thought process is just too scattered. The most I have ever done is write out who the characters are and what they might look like. Other than that, I free hand their stories into my journal. I love having a pen or pencil in my hand and just write. Sometimes I just sit down with a fresh piece of paper and start writing. I’ll have no idea what I’m going to say or who I’ll create. That is the fun part! When the story is ready that is when I’ll transcribe it to a Word document and go from there.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me a bit more. If you get a chance, go check out these next authors that will be the next to tackle the four questions above:

Jeremy Hicks: 

Jeremy Hicks

Jeremy Hicks

After nearly dying at birth, Jeremy Hicks gave up his ghost during the sorrowful autumn of his twelfth year. The outsider that occupied his body from that point onward did the best it could to imitate him. However, this being’s bizarre sense of humor and inability to fully mimic human emotions kept it an outsider. After many unhappy years of trying to assimilate to this plane of existence and its daily doldrums, he turned to the cadre of demons in his life for other options.

He teamed up with one of them inhabiting a ginger known as Barry Hayes and together they turned their nightmares into fiction. The writing team of Hicks & Hayes created an original horror-fantasy environment (Faltyr™), wrote a screenplay (The Cycle of Ages Saga: Finders Keepers) to introduce it, and then adapted it into a novelization of the same name. As a result, their first novel was published by Dark Oak Press in August 2013.

Jeremy co-owns Broke Guys Productions and served as Associate Producer on the independent horror film, “Curse of the Rougarou.” He is also a poet and short story writer.

Brian Weimer:

Brian Weimer

Brian Weimer

Brian Weimer is an author, and digital artist from Birmingham, Alabama. He graduated from Southeastern Bible College with a degree in theology. Brian has recently released his first novel, Nexus, a supernatural, sci-fi thriller currently available on Amazon.com. He is a regular writer for The Examiner, covering such topics as entertainment, pop culture, health and nutrition, and a range of other topics. He is currently working on his second novel, The Citadel, a horror story, as well as a follow up to Nexus.



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