First UK Review for The Forsaken

I can’t help but keep up with review of my novels. It’s jut how us Indie Authors track how our sales are going because remember, we have to do it all. 🙂 So, needless to say, when we get a good review we are morally obligated to blast it out everywhere we can!

The Forsaken has been online since February 28th, nearly a month ago, and finally I got my first UK review. UK readers have been very enjoyable to “work” with. I’m an American girl, but it seems that the UK ebook readers have embraced my novels with warm and open arms. For that I am deeply touched.

Here is the first of what I hope is many reviews from the UK readers!

UK Review for The Forsaken

UK Review for The Forsaken

I actually giggled when I read that M.B. was hopeful for a film. Hey, I’m all in for that! At this point I have no idea who, in the current acting pool, I’d want my dream cast to be. When I wrote the book I didn’t picture anyone famous in my mind for the characters. There are visuals of who each one is and what they look like, but it’s of my own creation. Yet, if Liam Hemsworth wanted to play Liam Cole then who am I to say no?!?

God bless,


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