Chapter 3 of The Forsaken! (Last Teaser)

Word of caution: All of my posts today on my social media sites are under the influence of fever and Nyquil. If for any reason you wonder why something sounds as if I’m out of my mind…that is why! 🙂

So, this is going to be the last teaser chapter for The Forsaken! That’s because it will be ready for purchase tomorrow!!! Yay!

Chapter 3 


 I wasn’t sure what she had done to me. Sure, she broke my heart, but that wasn’t it. It was that kiss. I enjoyed it, way more than I should have. I knew that she was only using me. I deserved it. I had used plenty of girls in the past. But this girl had done a number on my heart and it wasn’t easy to get over.

Not only couldn’t I get her out my head, it was like I couldn’t get her out of my…senses. I felt her everywhere I went. She was in my blood. I could feel her swimming around my brain. When I was asleep, talking, eating, or whatever else I was doing, I felt her deep in my soul.

At first I thought maybe this was what love felt like, you know? I had heard about people not being able to eat or sleep because they were so consumed by the thought of someone else. That was what it felt like at first, but then things started to change.

The first night that I knew something really crazy weird was going on was when I had this wild dream about her. I could see her at The Landing. She looked as beautiful as ever in the moonlight. I watched as she took a step onto a dock and then turned to look at me. She waved me on so I followed.

For a minute, I thought this dream was real, it felt that way. It felt completely normal to just follow her on to that dock, but when I did she was gone. I looked everywhere for her. There was some feeling; some sinking feeling that she had fallen off. It’s silly to think of this now, but I wondered in that moment if she could swim.

Without really thinking about what I was doing I jumped into the lake. I called out for her and then dove under the water, searching for her. It was dark, too dark for me to see anything so I felt around for her. After a few attempts I felt her. She was under the water. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to the surface.

After what seemed like forever I got her on the dock. Her dark hair was covering her face so I hurriedly shoved it to the side and then started giving her mouth-to-mouth.

“Come on Rayna!” I screamed at her as I pushed down on her chest. “Breathe, please, breathe!”

Then she did. Rayna began to cough up water so I rolled her onto her side. The water didn’t stop. I watched as water and more water came pouring out of her mouth. She was retching, unable to breathe. I watched in sheer terror as the water rushed forth, choking her.

Then, there wasn’t water coming out anymore; it was an inky blackness. Some dark shiny liquid crashed out of her mouth, running down the front her shirt. Slowly that same liquid began seeping from her nose and the corner of her eyes. She was drowning in it. I didn’t know what else to do, but shake her. Maybe I thought I could shake that filth out of her, but it was no use.

Without warning, something grabbed me from behind and threw me along the dock. I nearly fell into the lake, but managed to stay on the wooden pier. My head suddenly felt heavy and my legs where shaky. Before I could stand up an intense pressure pinned me down. I was being choked, but it wasn’t by the same substance that was encircling Rayna. It was a smell; a sickly sweet smell, like really sweet chocolate.

It was someone. Someone was holding me down on the pier, but I couldn’t make out who it was. The only thing I could see was smoke, thick black smoke. It would enclose me in the darkness, seeping into my pores and burning me up from the inside. My entire body would feel like it was on fire, but at the same time I would feel so cold.

Just when I thought that the pain would kill me I would wake up. For months I was plagued by this dream. I would wake up screaming and thrashing my arms out in front me; ready to fight whoever I needed to. My parents were really starting to worry about me. My mom even sent me to a shrink. The doc gave me a prescription for anxiety, claiming I was just under a lot of stress because I was about to graduate high school.

He was wrong though. It wasn’t high school. It was something else. I don’t know why, but deep down I felt like these dreams meant something. Deep down, even though I was even trying to deny it, I felt like the person in my dream holding me down was someone made of flesh and bone. What was worse, I knew that Rayna truly was in danger and I had to help her.

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