The Forsaken Gets a 5 Star Review!


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Today I received the first of what I hope is many reviews for The Forsaken, book two in The Darkness Trilogy. It was such a passionate review that I wanted to share it with anyone and everyone I could! 🙂 Kera (Book Blogger) was given an ARC of The Forsaken and then got back to me much quicker than I thought. She loved the book! When I read her review I was grinning from ear to ear like some kid that got everything on their Christmas list! 

I am going to post the review, but you can also read it here:


“OMG I absolutely loved this book,I’m going to try to keep this review honest without saying all the parts I’m brimming with excitement to share because I don’t want to give the story away! I read book one in this series and have been anxiously awaiting book two. The Author did not disappoint. This story was filled with so many twists and turns and curve balls that I couldn’t even guess what was going to happen next. I read the whole book with a fevered obsession and my stomach had the butterflies you get right before the Roller coaster takes off because I was just that excited to see what Would happen next. Rayna is trying desperately to put her life back together after the Kidnapping and all the decisions she made after discovering her new found powers. She is entering into her last year of high school which is hard for any teenager but more so for Rayna Because everyone knows her and her Best Friend C.J. were almost victims of a serial killer and everyone is still talking about it. The Shadow is still affecting her dreams though at first he doesn’t come Rayna doesn’t know why but you will as you read the story. Rayna’s heart still belongs to Liam (Woo hoo bc I am team Liam all the way) But she is also riddled with guilt over what she did to Liam and How she used Jayce. C.J. Is struggling with how to cope with her emotions after her run in with the Killers and Rayna and Logan are trying so hard to be there for her but when the unexpected happens She runs off leaving them both frantically trying to find her. We see most of our favorite Characters from book 1 and meet a few news one along the way. The Author throws the biggest curve ball when it comes to Rayna’s friends it’s something you would never guess until you read it and it was such an unexpected surprise but one I was very happy about. I thought the Author did a Awesome Job with Book 1 in this series but The Forsaken blew it right out of the water. All my Questions from book 1 were answered and many of the things I wanted too happen did but So much more unfolded I was absolutely awed by the direction the Author is taking this story and Can not wait for book 3 I am so excited to see how this story unfolds but also saddened that since this is a Trilogy the next book will be the last 😦 These Characters and their stories have been so great I’m saddened to see it end. The Author did such a wonderful job on this story my attention was engaged from the start and I read the book cover to cover with out taking a break. I highly recommend this book To readers 16 and above it is a great Series you will not be disappointed! Congratulations A.G. Porter on yet another intriguing engaging Wonderful read. Now I will be anxiously waiting for book Three I need to know what happens and who is number 7, Can She Save him? Will Jasmine ever stop being such a b&*%h? I need to know the answers to these questions and so much more!!” ~Kera Montgomery 

The Forsaken is set to be released in just 8 days! Ahh! I can’t wait to share the second part of the trilogy with y’all. 🙂 

God bless, 


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