On to 2014!

I really don’t like to make resolutions. However, I do enjoy setting goals for myself. My writing goal is to write something at least once a day. My main focus is to finished The Forsaken, book 2 in The Darkness Trilogy and have it published by February. After that, I want to focus on book 3, untitled, and have it out by early 2015.

In the meantime, as other inspiration hits me, I will try to write it down. I’m not going to try and torture myself by sharing everything I write. It’s a personal goal. So, that means I will either share them here or on my FB page. It will also mean that I might just jot something down in my journal. For day one, I’m sharing something here! 

This was part of a writing challenge posted on FB where you can either write a short story or a poem about the word Resolution. Here’s my poem! Enjoy! By the way, I was feeling lovey-dovey. 🙂 


I promised myself,

that I’d never fall.

It was a promise,

Nothing more, that is all.

Tonight is about new beginnings,

about focusing on what I want.

It’s hard to focus on anything,

when you’re close enough to touch.

I didn’t want to do this,

to want to caress your face.

I tried to resist the urge,

how did I find myself in this place?

Tonight is about resolutions,

to start something new.

I never thought I’d start something

that might end with you.

I’m supposed to be here,

thinking of myself.

All I can think of is you,

not me or anyone else.

You reach for my hand,

I push back.

You reach for my heart,

And find it painted black.

I can feel the ice melting,

It makes me sore afraid.

Is that my heart beating?

Can I be that crazy, can I be that brave?

I promised myself,

That I’d never fall.

It was a promise,

that now I must recall. 



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