Why did I change my book title?

I have been terrible at keeping up with my blog. I apologize! I have no excuse. πŸ™‚

A few days ago I made an announcement on my FB page about the new title for Book 2 of The Darkness Trilogy. The new title is The Forsaken. Why did I change the title you ask? Well, as I was finishing up the book I realized that Nightfall wasn’t the feeling I received. I felt, well, I felt sort of lonely. The characters from the first book have gone through a lot since we’ve last seen them. Their world has been turned on its head and they feel as though nobody understands. Rayna finds herself at odds with the people in her life that know about her Gift and especially with those who don’t. It is hard for her to communicate with her family and her friends. While there is a part of her that wants to share her secret with her mother, there is that feeling of obligation to protect her from it. In her mind, her friends, Leslie and Sara, would never understand. She also think that her brother, Austin, wouldn’t believe her. Without giving too much away, there comes a moment when Rayna feels utterly alone in this mission to save herself, Liam and the others from The Shadow.

So, that was my reasoning behind the name change. I don’t think I’ve written an overly depressing book, haha, but I have tried to put as a realistic take on something paranormal as I can.

What if there really was a young girl with supernatural gifts who was forced to keep it hidden from the rest of the world? What if the ones she thought would always have her back suddenly lost faith in her? What if she lost faith in herself?

I try to put myself in Rayna’s place as I write her story. There are many times that I have to sit and think a long time while I write a particular scene. There are “what ifs” and “how about this”, but at the end of the day I want to make her realistic. She’s strong and brave, but she is still a young girl. There are going to be times that she doesn’t make the right choice and there will be times that she may say the wrong things.

Rayna is just like you and me. She isn’t perfect, she is flawed and from time to time, needs a little guidance, but what do we do when the choices we’ve made pushes everyone out of our lives? What do we do when circumstances have taken others away? Do we keep fight or do we give up? Do we give in to the loneliness and despair or do we strive until we break free from the chains of darkness?

If you want to know that Rayna does then you’ll just have to read the book when it comes out. πŸ™‚ The book is currently in round 2 of edits and I hope for it to be finished soon. I can’t wait to share the cover art with all of you! It’s amazing!

Peace, Love & God Bless,



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