Monsters University: Bring Your Scare Face

In 2001, the world was introduced to Mike, Sulley and a pig-tailed, little girl named Boo. I’m talking about the character’s from Disney Pixar’s Monster’s Inc. Audiences fell in love with big guy, Sulley and his sarcastic “Scare Partner” Mike Wazowski. We all laughed when Boo tried over and over to pronounce Wazowski’s last name and failed, adorably. We discovered that Monster’s Inc. was not the place we thought it was and Sully and Wazowski, along with Boo, were the heros to save the day.

But who are Sulley and Mike? What were they like before Monster’s Inc.? What made them the monsters we know and love? In Monsters University we get to see how Sulley and Mike met and how they came to be one of the best Scare Teams at Monster’s Inc. 


Monsters University (G, 92 minutes) centers on the one-eyed, little, green monster, Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal, Parental Guidance) as he begins his scare education at MU. He’s a smart, dedicated student who wants nothing more than to work at Monster’s Inc. and become the best scarer their world has ever seen. Then enters James P. “Sulley” Sullivan (John Goodman, The Hangover Part III), the smooth-talking monster that is known for his scare factor as well as his family’s name. As you might have guessed it, these two monsters are at odds from the start.

During one of their most important tests, Mike and Sulley are so consumed with out-scaring each other that they break a Scream Can, which holds a world-record breaking scream, that belongs to none other than the head of the Scare Program, Dean Hardscabble (Helen Mirren, RED). With not so much as batting an eyelash, the Dean kicks both monsters out of the program.

Devastated and unsure of where their educational life is headed, the monsters join forces, along with a few other not-so-scary monsters, and try to win the Scare Games. The games were created by Dean Hardscabble where different fraternities and sororities are pitied against each other to test their team work, knowledge and heart. If Mike and Sulley win, their entire team is allowed back into the Scare Program.

The members of the team have a hard time working together with Mike and Sulley battling for dominance. It becomes apparent that the monsters in the team are not what you would call “scary” at all. There is the multi-eyed and surprisingly stealthy, Squishy (Pete Sohn, Ratatouille), mature student Don (Joel Murray, God Bless America), two-headed Terry (Dave Foley, Vampires Suck) and Terri (Sean Hayes, The Three Stooges), and the sweet, but simple-minded Art (Charlie Day, Horrible Bosses).

After the first leg in the Scare Games, everyone, including them, knows they are going to have to dig deep if they even want a remote chance of winning.

This film is a great family film for the young and the parents who have a special place in their hearts for Monster’s Inc.

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