Who is Rayna Stone? Part II

Recently I uploaded a video about the main character of my book, The Shadow. I talked about who Rayna Stone is and some of what she encounters in the first book. I talked about her, but now I want to write about her. I express myself better with writing things down then I do when speaking. Still, I am enjoying my venture into Vlogging. It’s been fun. 

I have had several people comment on Rayna’s name. They think her name is beautiful and I have to agree. It’s unique and very lovely. A friend of mine, Miss Robin, named her sweet, sweet daughter Rayna. When I heard her say that name the frist time, I knew that was my character’s name.

It has been spelled many different ways, such as, Rayne, Raina, Raynee and so on. I chose Rayna because that is how my friend spelled her daughter’s name. The meaning, from many different sources, all say that it means something to the effect of “Song” or “Song of the Lord.”  I think that is perfect! 

Rayna is very musically inclined, but somewhat shy about it. What she isn’t shy about is her faith and love for God. She wears her Christianity like a badge of honor. I’m glad to say that Rayna, while faithful, doesn’t only associate herself with Christians. She finds friendship and good in everyone. She tries her best to accept everyone for the way that they are and knows that she can only change the world a little at a time. Still, she tries to show the love she has for Christ and the love that she thinks He would and did show to others. 

Another thing about Rayna is that she is color blind. She comes from a very mixed race background and sees everyone for who they are and not the color of their skin. I love that about her. She doesn’t even try to mention race because she doesn’t think it’s important to who that person is. That isn’t to say that she doesn’t appreciate heritage. She does. She understands that the world is a mixture of all kinds of people and loves to meet others. 

Rayna is a flawed character. She tries her best to see the best and good in others, but fails to see that in herself. Sometimes she is too shy and too hard on herself. I wish that she would come out of her shell more often. While she can see others like they are perfect the way they are she has trouble doing that for herself. I’m not saying that she’s a self-hater, but, like most people, she can’t see her own worth.

This is troublesome because if she can’t see that in herself then she thinks that others can’t either. She has had several run-ins with bullies that have really scared her. Once a person has been rejected or belittled for just being themselves over and over then it can take a long time to believe you’re worth it! In her heart she knows that she is worth it or otherwise God wouldn’t have created her. But, she is human and she sometimes thinks that people will reject her before they get to know her. However, Rayna doesn’t let this control her life. While it is in the back of her mind, she still lives her life with happiness in her heart. 

Also, Rayna has a very volite temperament. She gets angry too quickly and speaks before she thinks. That anger doesn’t let her forgive very easily when she is hurt. That has a lot to do with pride as well. She feels embarrassed when someone hurts her, especially if others know about it. So, she feels weak to let them get away with harming her so publicly.  It’s just her feelings are hurt very easily and if she puts up a shield around her emotions, it makes her feel stronger. Deep down she knows she has to change that part of herself, but she’s working on it. 

When Rayna’s father dies, that shield that she puts up gets stronger. She chooses not to feel anything about his death. She knows that he is gone, but when she let’s herself feel anything about it her shield automatically goes back up. This creates a lot stress for her and her family. From that moment on she bottles everything up inside. She won’t talk to her friends or her family. Rayna has emotionally isolated herself from those who love her. It takes her a very, very long time to realize this. 

After meeting Liam for the first time, those emotions start to move around in her heart. She can’t quite explain why or how this boy has given her this reaction; why did just one look start to chip away at the wall she has built? She practically falls for him the first day they meet. Inside, she is trying not to be drawn to him. She doesn’t want to risk feeling something for him and then find out he doesn’t feel the same way.

Rayna knows that her life shouldn’t revolve around a boy and it really doesn’t. That doesn’t stop her from allowing Liam to be a big part of her life. I don’t see this as unhealthy for her or for anyone else. Love is a natural and an amazing experience. Love is something that I hope everyone gets a chance to feel. When that love becomes obsessive or tainted then that is when young adults should take a step back. 

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Rayna better. Feel free to contact me or leave me a message if you want to discuss her a little further. 

Until tomorrow,


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