Grace is Found

In the dark, I find the light;

that light is warm, comforting and bright.

Out here alone, I hear your voice;

your words are like music, when I hear them I rejoice.

This road is hard, it wears on my bones;

in you I find comfort, in you I find my soul.

Hurtful sneers; menacing eyes;

without you I’d be afraid, but with you I don’t believe the lies.

It feels like fingers of death grip my heart; it feels like I can’t move;

you’re the reason for me going; you’re the one that makes me new.

Through a thousand years of endless night; you’re there for me;

you hold me when I can’t stand; you lift me up so I can see.

Dear Lord don’t let me fall; don’t me hit the ground;

in you I am safe; in you is where grace is found.


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