Wait in Vain

You were never mine, you were never theirs;

you were your own poison; you were your own despair.

I was always searching; always looking for a way;

to keep you from harm; to keep your fears at bay.

But you would fight me; you would hide within your fears;

your took fake refuge; inside a bottle of tears.

The darkness hovered around you; it lingered in your kiss;

you would forget to say you loved me; you would float away on empty bliss.

There were times I’d reach for; there were times I’d find just your flesh.

you were a hollow being; you were a lifeless mess.

I remember begging; I remember my desperate pleas.

I waited for countless lifetimes; I waited for you to come back to me.

Alas, the wait is over; the wait was always in vain.

Today I shed a tear for you; a shed a tear that disappeared in the rain.

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