Just Days Away

I can’t express how excited I am that my first ebook is near the end of the editing process. This means that it will be published within days!
This book had been years in the making and I can only hope that others enjoy it as much as I have. I pray that my writing is something that intrigues the reader and that everything I write inspires others.
I will have an acknowledgments section in the book, but I can’t help but praise God that He has instilled in me such a great desire for the written word. I am also do blessed to know such amazing and genuine people who have helped me along the way.
My husband, Billy, my stepson, my family, and many, many friends. A few people stand out more than most. My “Chica”, Nichole, who loves me like her sister and had always encouraged me. My work friend, business partner, and adopted sister, Elizabeth, who not only keeps me sane at work, but had introduced me to Korean cuisine. Thanks! There are many more to thank, but the one person who stuck with me on this story, and first encouraged me to “go for it”, is Bridgette. She’s my sister from a didn’t mister, my friend, my editor, and The Grammar Queen! You, my sweet and witty friend and the best!
I will keep all of you posted as to when the ebook will finally be available. Keep your eyes open because it will be soon!

Lots of love and Merry Christmas!

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