We NEVER Stop Learning

I have to say that I love learning new things. Immersing myself in school work isn’t my favorite thing to do, but I find that I enjoy knowledge. I mean, it is the most powerful weapon, isn’t? Well, I am on a new path to knowledge. I have recently signed up for my MFA in Creative Writing. Excited is one of the many words I would use to describe my current state of mind. 🙂

Last February I obtained my Bachelor’s of Business Administration. It was a long road, but when I crossed that finish line I had a big smile on my face. Still, I knew that a degree in Business Administration wasn’t my calling; it wasn’t my dream. So, I took a much needed break and tried to start on my MBA. Let me tell you, if your heart isn’t in something…it just isn’t in something!

I wanted to get my MBA because I currently work full time in the business field. I kept telling myself that I would just get that first and then go for my MFA in Creative Writing once my writing career started. You’re probably thinking, “Crazy girl.”, believe me I started thinking to same thing as soon as I began my first Master’s class.

A finisher, someone who doesn’t like to leave things undone, that’s how I see myself, so I finished the Master’s class. After that I put my foot down, I told my husband my heart just wasn’t in it. He is so supportive and said I needed to do what makes me happy. So here I am, starting my MFA in Creative Writing. Needless to say, its long, way long, overdo.

I guess the point of this post is to express my excitement, but it is also to encourage others out there to never stop learning and to never settle!

Now, just pray to the good Lord that I don’t sprout too many gray hairs or wrinkles…mostly wrinkles!

Love y’all,

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