Use (and thank) the People around You!

Yesterday I finished my re-read of my ebook, The Shadow. Now,  I need to send it off to my “editor”. I put that in quotations because she isn’t really an editor, but she should be. She’s amazingly smart and can edit a book like nobody’s business. I’m so glad I have her as my personal editor and as one of my best friends.

Anyway, my point is, writers should utilize the people around them. Not just family, but friends too. These people want you to succeed. They are pulling for you so don’t be afraid to reach out!!!!

My family will have a big section in my acknowledgements, but my Editor will also have a section just for her. I have to get started on that soon. For one thing, I hope to have my book completed, ready for release, before the year is out and secondly, it’s going to be hard putting into words what everyone has done to help me.

Thanks y’all,

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