Officially Untitled

My first book ever. I have actually had it finished for quite some time now, but have been reading and re-reading it. I’ve also had a friend (one who is super smart and an Grammar Queen) to read and re-read it for me. In addition, I have found an amazing artist to create my cover art. (check her out on facebook and!/meldigitalartist?fref=ts)

So why am I so stressed? I can’t find a title. For years I thought I knew what to name my trilogy. Now, I’m unsure, really unsure. I don’t know if its because I am getting close to publishing (self-publishing) it or what. I wonder, fellow writers, should I go with my first selection or try to find something else? I am stressing over this because I can’t come up with the last book title. The first two seem to mess so well, but I don’t know what to do about the last one. I don’t want to have the first two be perfect and then the last one just be…blah.

Any advice?

Much Love, Amanda

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