Why do I Write About Heartache?

I wonder sometimes why I like to write about heartache? I mean, I think I am a very happy person. I have a great husband and a wonderful stepson. So, if I am happy, why do I like to write about sadness and love loss? I tried to reason with myself and this is what I have come up with.

One thing, who doesn’t love drama? I believe we love to read about love in books, but we also like the trials of it. We like the new found love, but we like when the characters are heartbroken. We want to be entertained and their love quarrels are entertaining. 🙂

Secondly, we can relate to it. We ourselves have been in and out of love. If we are currently in a good relationship, chances are we have seen the ups and downs of love. Yes, we like to be happy, but we have our pity party moments when we want to be sad. Not that we are all depressed, but we know what it feels like to be hurt.

And lastly, I think we like the connection with characters that are going through heartache. We want to be with them through it all. We want to hurt with them, cry with them; we want to fight and claw our way back to love with them. Let’s face it, love is one of the biggest adventures we will ever have. Its probably the most epic tale of all.

Peace out and God bless,


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